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Wednesday Words: 8 May 2013

We all experience, at some point, a situation which is funny in the eyes of everyone except ourselves. This little poem sums this up quite nicely, I think! Betty at the Party “When I was at the party,” said Betty, … Continue reading

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Prose For Thought: Give Me Patience!

This post is in response to ‘Prose for Thought’ at Verily, Victoria Vocalises. I’ve only time for a small poem now, so here goes! I think we’re all getting a little fed up with this drawn-out Winter weather! It feels … Continue reading

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Wednesday Words: 10 April 2013

The Wednesday Words link-up, hosted by Emma at Crazy With Twins, is, in general, an open forum. You can post – within reason – anything you like, whether a quotation (with credit to the author) or your own work, to … Continue reading

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Prose for Thought: How do you like your verbs?

Well, now, apropos of Prose for Thought this week, hosted here… If you choose, would you have all the verbs in this language of ours follow a set pattern? Or do you think that the irregularity adds positive character? Let’s … Continue reading

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Wednesday Words: 13 February 2013

Once again, this post is written in answer to the link-up here, by Emma at Crazy With Twins. It’s being posted on Thursday 14 Feb as I had a special post to do last night. Emma suggested a theme based … Continue reading

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Moved to Reply: A Marvellous Experience

If, in any measure, you enjoy reading and appreciating poetry, and also having a shot at writing poems of your own, then sometimes, just sometimes, a most uplifting experience will be yours: you will read a poem – it my be any … Continue reading

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The Diamond Jubilee: Reminiscences

Our ‘100 Word Challenge’ explained here, for the jubilee period, is to write a poem of 100 (ish!) words, to convey the passing of sixty years. My attempt is below. The other responses can be viewed by clicking on the … Continue reading

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