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By the Butterfly Tree: An Explanation and Acknowledgements

For ‘Prose for Thought’ this week, hosted by Vicky at Verily, Victoria Vocalises, I am introducing my story entitled By the Butterfly Tree which is appearing on this blog in small instalments. I would like to explain how this story came … Continue reading

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Prose For Thought: Picture the Scene

For Prose for Thought this week, hosted again at Verily, Victoria Vocalises, I’m publishing a little ‘word picture’ that I put together a good while ago, and which is (if the person who recounted  the incident to me, an even … Continue reading

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Prose for Thought: How do you like your verbs?

Well, now, apropos of Prose for Thought this week, hosted here… If you choose, would you have all the verbs in this language of ours follow a set pattern? Or do you think that the irregularity adds positive character? Let’s … Continue reading

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Prose for Thought: Song of Morning

Today, Prose For Thought, hosted by Victoria Welton at Verily, Victoria Vocalises opens for new entries once again. Oh, and today’s other event is that it’s World Poetry Day. So today – or, I should say, tonight – I’m going … Continue reading

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