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My Sunday Photo: 5 April 2015

Once a common site, now rare; a forge fire. This one was at the old railway workshops at High Peak Junction, Derbyshire. I tried my hand (with help) at making a poker, which was rather fun!

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My Sunday Photo: 8 February 2015

This late-afternoon skyscape, caught just a few days ago, seemed to say “Come on, you can do it, it’s not long till spring!” Or perhaps it was a good omen for that evening… Anyway, it was striking enough to make … Continue reading

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Project 365: The End of January!

Where did that month go to…? I was going to do so much ‘around the new year’. I think I’ll have to make that Chinese new year. Hmm… January 25: As we all say: they just don’t make thing like … Continue reading

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Project 365: The First Full Week

And on with another seven days we go… January 4: That day was frosty. And frost never disappoints in the beauty stakes. January 5: Not such a cold day, but I’d been working outdoors. Wood fires are therapeutic in several … Continue reading

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Project 365: The Start

A photo a day, for a year…? I’m giving it a go! January 1  This was on my window sill. It just seemed symbolically appropriate for the new year. Especially the buds; reminiscent of hope. January 2  I never tire … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday: 9 November 2014

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What are we not Teaching our Children?

This post has been prompted by the one by Jean at notSupermum, here, and the discussion that preceded it. It’s a topic that really got me thinking… I think it’s safe to say that education these days is broader than … Continue reading

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The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing Like The Truth…

Well, it was some weeks ago now, that I dared to suggest that my blogging mojo might have come back. And it had. But with it came a lot of things to do; sadly, not all of them particularly profitable. … Continue reading

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Thrifty Thursday: 30 January 2014 – Save That Computer!

Well, last time I joined in with this meme that’s hosted by Gina at Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies I promised you that next time (that’s this time, get it?) I really would show you how to re-use something, in … Continue reading

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Wednesday Words: 15 January 2014

For this week’s Wednesday Words, I’m going to look at just that: Words. What a difference just one letter makes. Here’s an example: Compliment: Expression of praise, congratulation, etc. Complement: That which makes something complete. Just after Christmas 2012, a … Continue reading

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