The Diamond Jubilee: Reminiscences

Our ‘100 Word Challenge’ explained here, for the jubilee period, is to write a poem of 100 (ish!) words, to convey the passing of sixty years. My attempt is below. The other responses can be viewed by clicking on the list in Julia’s blog post.

For sixty years our queen has reigned –
The monarch has not changed.
But O how much, in other ways
Has life been rearranged!

Production engineering grew
And crossed another bridge;
Very soon the lady  wives
Possessed the latest ‘fridge.’

The race for space moved on apace
Teams working round the clock;
Men reached the Moon, and walked about
And brought back bits of rock.

Now… One girl said the rock was… brown?
(Discussion would resume)
But whispers: “She’s got COLOUR…”
First flew about the room!

Now sensors, ‘chips’ and ‘SD cards’
Have ended film’s main part
And amateur photography
Has made another start…

And many more developments
We further might relate –
But ‘progress’ through the passing years
Is open to debate…

The fourth verse, in particular, is based on my own memories. In a lesson one day, the teacher was discussing the moon landing and the rock samples, and asked if anyone knew the colour of the rock. ONE girl replied that it looked BROWN – on TV!

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1 Response to The Diamond Jubilee: Reminiscences

  1. jfb57 says:

    This is a great piece of historical writing Phil. Sadly (I think) I remember them all! Ah well, they were amazing events!

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