Project 365: The Middle of January

Here we are again… It’s on with the show!

365-150111January 11: Late in the day, I saw this witch hazel bush in flower. It has a strange, heady scent, as you might expect.

365-150112January 12: Even when disposing of things, nature is beautiful. (Unlike mankind – compare this with the picture for January 3!)

365-150113January 13: I was running out of time to take a picture – which suggested this one. This timepiece was a legacy from a dear friend.

365-150114January 14: Similarly, I was reflecting on the fact that sometimes I need a fresh sense of direction – in lots of ways!

365-150115January 15: I’m hoping to compare this picture with later ones as this heavily cut back hedge turns green again. We’ll see!

365-150116January 16: And here, again, is one of my most favourite flowers – from a less usual angle!

365-150117January 17: College is sometimes like being back at school!

See you next week!

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2 Responses to Project 365: The Middle of January

  1. jennypaulin says:

    you have taken some wonderful shots of nature – i love the colours and textures you have shot.
    thanks for linking up to Project 365 x

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