Mystery Picture 6

I didn’t intend to publish another ‘Mystery Picture’ until the last one had been guessed, but I also didn’t quite reckon with the intriguing nature of my ‘Silent Sunday’ post last week. I’m just putting that picture here, for the sake of convenience:

Mystery Picture 6

??? Mystery Picture 6 ???

OK, so it’s a shot taken from a confined, dark place, looking outwards into a light space. But just what is the picture of, and just how was it taken? Please put your guesses in the reply box. You might care to look at Mystery Picture 5 while you’re at it. Oh, and if you’re feeling really kind, I’d love it if you gave this post some publicity – tweets, tell your friends and family, smoke signals, whatever you like… I’ll look forward to hearing from you. I’m also linking this post to Post Comment Love at Verily, Victoria Vocalises.

Post Comment Love
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1 Response to Mystery Picture 6

  1. This is tricky! Is it a rabbit hole? I have no idea how you would have taken it, though….great shot!

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