The Ultimate ‘Attended Service’

This post is in answer to the ‘100 word challenge’ here. Before reading on, please look at the picture prompt (shown there) to make (some) sense of what follows. All the other responses are also listed there, with links. Thank you.

This picture conjures up in my mind the complete opposite of a modern self service filling station. Here, as you drive up to the pumps, an attendant will take your order, not just for unleaded 95, super unleaded 98, or diesel, but also for tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, noting your choices of milk and sugar. This is prepared for you and served inside the appropriately shaped building behind the pumps. To avoid delays, the attendant will move your vehicle to the adjacent car park after refuelling is complete. Payment is then collected in a suitably genteel manner; your receipt is hand-written!

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