Project 365: Forward (to) March!

I didn’t make the linky last week, so I’m playing catch-up a bit! Here, I’m doing what should have been last week’s, plus three extra! I’ve also kept up my ‘long, hard look’ theme, that is, using a 70-300mm lens.

365-150222February 22: Lungwort is one of my favourite spring flowers.

365-150223February 23: I find a mixture of natural and man-made shape and line can be fascinating. Here, the dusky sky made an eerie effect.

365-150224February 24: I was just in time to catch these two small clouds, lit up by the setting sun.

365-150225February 25: And these things that we take for granted, if we bother to consider them at all: we’d be in a mess without them, and the job they do, supporting overhead high-voltage cables and insulating them from the towers. Despite looking so insignificant, those on a 132,000 volt line are about the height of a man!

365-150226February 26: And now, looking down: a few hours of warmth, and this happens quickly to woodland floors!

365-150227February 27: Ornate buildings are fascinating by night. (Sorry about a bit of blur – this shot was hand-held!)

365-150228February 28: My old friend, the so-called Christmas rose. Mine always flower about now. Still, ‘somewhere-near-half-term rose’ hasn’t quite got it, has it?

365-150301March 1: This wasn’t actually at night – but I used flash to ‘freeze’ the movement of the catkins. March had come in with the lion. I hope that’s a good thing.

365-150302March 2: Remember those crocuses in bud? Here they are, opening. The very same ones.

365-150303March 3: Finally (for now) the birdie to watch to find the wind direction catches the spring sunshine.

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1 Response to Project 365: Forward (to) March!

  1. Love the flower shots, so beautiful 🙂 #project365

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