Project 365: Forward Into February!

And here we go…

365-150201February 1: I can’t resist taking pictures at dusk, as you might know by now. It really is ‘magic hour’. Even this area of water looks heart-shaped. (Trust him, I hear you mutter.)

365-150202February 2: Winter was very much still with us. These water-fowl had to paddle along a narrow channel through the ice!

365-150203February 3: It seemed as if this tree were reaching up to this clear, glowing sky, and begging for new leaves!

365-150204February 4: This is a piece of a very special country called England. Treat it with respect; it has cost the blood of its young men, twice in one century. Yes, I know I mention this often, but I think it sinks into me more, all the time. [sigh]

365-150205February 5: As the afternoon light was fading, I caught this memorial to a piece of local history: The Baseball Ground. Even though I don’t ‘follow the footie’ much, I think it’s fitting to remember what a heritage many teams have.

365-150206February 6: Another hobby-horse of mine…! Children who worked in the factories used to get a half-day off… so that they could go to school! Oh, and that was if you had a good boss. Take a long, hard look at the socio-economic history of Britain (if you can stand it.) It ain’t pretty…

365-150207February 7: We’ll close for the week on a happier note: if you don’t know already, this is what free range chickens look like. In fact, they are normally more spread out, it’s just that they confuse amateur photographers with farm staff who bring food!

Till next week, then, folks…!

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4 Responses to Project 365: Forward Into February!

  1. I still love your photography and enjoy an amble around your blog every now and then. You’re very thoughtful and thought provoking with your photography subjects. Cute chickens, I hope you told the farm staff off for distracting the chickens with food 🙂

  2. Lovely photos, Lots of great scenic ones. Love the chickens.

  3. mrsteepot says:

    All wonderful photos but I love the one of all the chickens!

  4. Sue says:

    Oh Hello! I’ve not been to your blog before. #365.
    Lovely photos, I like the Landscape photo and agree with your sentiments completely. (except it’s Wales for me 😉 )

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