Project 365: The First Full Week

And on with another seven days we go…

365-150104January 4: That day was frosty. And frost never disappoints in the beauty stakes.

365-150105January 5: Not such a cold day, but I’d been working outdoors. Wood fires are therapeutic in several ways, besides the heat they give.

365-150106January 6: Home late, cold and hungry. I’m not a fussy eater at times like this. And if it’s easy to make, and contains cheese, tomatoes, and herbs, count me in.
Note: This is my first ever published food picture!

365-0107January 7: Lots of people noticed the spectacular sunrise.

365-150108January 8: Relieved at completing an awkward job, I finally relaxed by candlelight. With lager in a wine glass, because I can.

365-150109January 9: A very brief stop on a journey, away from traffic and noise, just to clear my head. Yes, that’s a buried rail, that hasn’t seen a wagon for a long time. When man moves out, nature moves in.

365-150110January 10: The previous night was windy (in case you didn’t notice.)

So, there we are. Or were. See you next week…!

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2 Responses to Project 365: The First Full Week

  1. Bec Cowley says:

    Some great shots! Love the frosty picture, very nice x

  2. Great photos,. Candle light and wine a perfect end to the day.

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