My Sunday Photo: 11 January 2015

MSP150111Sunshine: the subject matter of poets, painters, and singer/songwriters for generations, as well as photographers. I had called here only briefly, driving by, to clear my head after some things I had attended to. As I was about to leave, I noticed this. I had to carefully exclude the Sun itself from the shot, to avoid flare!

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7 Responses to My Sunday Photo: 11 January 2015

  1. Probably going to sound bullshitty but I often take photographs of what’s on the floor (except poo) I love shadows and reflections in puddles! Nice pic Mr Phil! 🙂

  2. teentweentoddler1 says:

    That is a great photo! Love the shadow of the trees on the floor x

  3. Merlinda says:

    I need some in my life! Just got wet from the rain! Thanks for sharing this =) #mysundayphoto

  4. Coombe Mill says:

    It looks like the perfect place to escape to when you just need to escape, I love the shadows it cast!

  5. Kim Carberry says:

    What a great photo! So clever x

  6. darrencoleshill308390132 says:

    Great photo, the patterns from the shadows are brilliant

    Thank you for linking up

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