Wednesday Words: 14 August 2013

Anyone who, in whatever capacity, teaches others, especially adults, may care to reflect on this:

“Strike a balance between what people need, what they have already achieved,
and the learning opportunities you can realistically provide for them.”

 – from Adult Learning Adult Teaching by John Daines with Carolyn Daines
and Brian Graham  (Fourth edition, 2006 – Welsh Academic Press)

A good guide to go by, I think…

Copyright is acknowledged. This quotation is published under the scope of the ‘fair dealing’ provision under UK copyright law in regard of ‘criticism and news reporting’. (In this case, positive criticism.) 

Wednesday Words
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1 Response to Wednesday Words: 14 August 2013

  1. Emma Day says:

    Great quote. I think this goes for parents and children particularly well. Also could be applied to things like discipline and reward.

    Thanks for joining in. xx

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