Silent Sunday: 24 March 2013


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8 Responses to Silent Sunday: 24 March 2013

  1. sarahmo3w says:

    That’s beautiful, really stunning close-up.

  2. sarahmumof3 says:

    beautiful frost Phil, we have lots of snow but I am feeling sooo ill so only been out in it quickly, staying indoors today!

  3. Jaime Oliver says:

    Great picture Phil, love the detail 🙂

  4. Gorgeous close up, just wish the weather would do one!

  5. The frost makes them look like they are sugar coated – was a great close up.

  6. Claire @ Bad Fiction says:

    That’s a great photo. And I agree with Fiona…. x

  7. Still so cold? Oh no. Hope it warms up soon. At least it’s beautiful to look at!

  8. Pinkoddy says:

    Hope the cold doesn’t stop them budding. Great picture.

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