As The Sun Rises…

This post is prompted by the brand-new linky idea here, at The Olivers Madhouse. The idea is to say something about a magic moment, that is, a moment that was magic to you – recently or otherwise, each week.

OK… Well… I collect moments, as I’ve said before. Some people call them photographs. But every photograph records a moment. And for an opener for this new linky, what could be more appropriate, and more magic, than a moment at dawn?

Now, for me, these are some of the hardest moments to record; this is because the task entails getting up early on a day when I otherwise have no need to, and going out in the cold. But it’s worth it. Try it. Oh, and somehow, dawn and water go together. Just watch, and record, the most spectacular, magic, moments.

That Moment at Dawn

That Moment at Dawn

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19 Responses to As The Sun Rises…

  1. Shell Louise says:

    That’s a gorgeous photo; I’m not sure I could drag myself out of bed to get out there and take one though! 🙂

  2. Jaime Oliver says:

    Phil this is such a lovely post and so apt with the new linky starting. I really ought to take your advice and to pop out at dawn to see dawn breaking. I am aiming to get at least one day break in before the end of this year!

    Thanks so much for all your help “tweeting” about the linky and thanks so much for linking up 🙂

  3. Beautiful photo! This is something I’ve been planning to do for a while. I want to go to the place my hubs proposed and film the sunrise! X

  4. what an amazing capture…well worth waking up for x magic moment

  5. @mumdrah says:

    After a hard and chaotic weekend, this post is like a fresh breath running through me. Thank you, Phil, for sharing something so special. Dawn is a very special moment, full of possibilities and new hope. Mx

  6. thelovingparent says:

    THAT is a beautiful photograph. There’s something about the way the early morning light reflects on the water, isn’t there? I love the fluidity of the water against the potential of the strong sunlight, which you can just FEEL is about to burst forth. Know what I mean? Or am I getting too deep again? (I do have that tendency!!) Thanks for sharing. 🙂 x

  7. Lilandrael says:

    How gorgeous! I once sat at the edge of a cliff in Devon watching the sunrise over the sea. There is something very magical about a sunrise – especially when you’re out there, open to the elements and experiencing it first hand.

  8. Beautiful picture to capture a magical moment x

  9. such a beautiful photo, a lovely magic moment xx

  10. lisa says:

    A amazing photo

  11. fabfortymum says:

    That is a gloriously beautiful magic moment

  12. That’s so beautiful – I find water like that so very calming, add to it that light, and wow just serene xx

  13. That is a gorgeous photo and you’ve captured it perfectly. x

  14. Helen Braid says:

    Oh this is stunning… xx

  15. Beautiful, beautiful image. So serene and calming

  16. Amanda says:

    Gorgeous photo, there is something very magical about a sun rise.

  17. fireflyphil says:

    Thank you all for visiting and commenting. I’m trying to visit back as soon as I can, and I’m enjoying seeing so many lovely entries!

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