Monday Mobile: Late Entry

I’ve just decided that I’ll still post this, even though tomorrow is a new Monday. For one thing, I think Angie’s meme here at ‘Cakes Photos Life’ is a good idea. And for another, I just want to share the lesson I so often have to re-learn: open your eyes and notice what’s around you.
I was out walking nearby, looking for something interesting, and the whole scene looked dull and lifeless. Hardly a bird or a flower to be seen. And then I found this:

2013-02-23 17.28.51It took the sheer beauty of something that was ‘just’ a fungus to make me stop. I took pictures of it with my DSLR, from which  I selected my ‘Silent Sunday’ shot for last week. Then I thought I would, once again, see what sort of a job the camera in my phone could do. This was the result – although it did take a few attempts. But never before have I found a fungus that looked so pretty!

So, folks, play up and pass to the wing, and all that sort of thing. Give Monday Mobile some blog love. And who knows, next time I might manage to post a bit earlier, myself, and set a better example…

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1 Response to Monday Mobile: Late Entry

  1. Gilly says:

    You are so right! Who knew fungus could be beautiful. What next? Thanks for reminding us that we just need to stop and look at what is right in front of us.

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