A Slight Misunderstanding

This post is in response to the ‘100 word Challenge’ here, where you will find links to all the other contributions. The phrase shown in bold had to be added to 100 words. My little dialogue is, thankfully, entirely fictitious!

“Fred, can I have a word?”
“Sure.” The young lighting designer followed his boss to the managing director’s office, where they sat down.
“Fred, but I’m a bit puzzled. I met George Greenway at the club today, and just mentioned that design you submitted – you know, as you do – and he seemed rather off-hand about it. So I checked our copy of what we sent. Now, you said you’d do… WHAT, exactly?”
“Well, I looked round, and suggested a scheme in uplighters. He seemed keen. So I chose those conical ones.”
Harry put his head in his hands. “Trust Sally… She only typed ‘comical’ didn’t she?”

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