Monday Mobile: Week 13 – How it was done

For this week’s mobile picture, I’m going to show you how my ‘Silent Sunday’ picture for yesterday was done. There was no image editing trickery; essentially, it’s just a still life shot of a flame, using copper to turn the flame green. Here is my shot of the equipment I set up:

The blowtorch was lashed to a stand with a magnetic base.  The red metal box served two purposes: to provide something for the stand to cling to, and to protect the table from any sundry bits of incandescent material falling out of the flame. At the ready are a piece of copper wire, and a small pot of acid-based flux. The camera was set up on a tripod in front of this rig. The shot was taken, after practising, with the room lights turned off, to give the black background. The wire was dipped in flux and then placed in the base of the flame. The exposure was made as the flame turned green.

Look at this post and the list at the end  for other ‘Monday Mobile’ contributions.

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7 Responses to Monday Mobile: Week 13 – How it was done

  1. No one likes a show off y’know 😉

    It made for an awesome photo though!

    • fireflyphil says:

      Sorry, Livi (!) I should have pointed out that this was in response to the interest and curiosity of others who commented on the Silent Sunday picture! I should also have mentioned this precaution: If you want to use a camera close to chemicals and flames, as here, always fit a protection filter to the lens in case of spitting. Then the worst that a tiny splash can do is to write off the filter, not the lens!

  2. WOW, Must try it sometime, and catch up on yesterdays #silentsunday

    thanks for linking up x

  3. sarahmumof3 says:

    ohh thanks for sharing this Phil, I alays love your photos and its nice to see how you get such great shots!

    • fireflyphil says:

      Thank you – I just wanted to do something different this time, and flames (under control!) fascinate me. It took a bit of trial and error – but that’s part of the fun!

  4. Minisaurus says:

    Off to look at the silent Sunday now!

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