The Magic of Love

This post is written in answer to the prompt at ‘100 word challenge’ here. You will see the list giving you links to interpretations of this theme by all the other contributors. As it happens, I don’t like Hallow-e’en either, and you all know what a sentimental old what-not I am, so I’m settling for a recipe for a good witch to use!

A dish called love

Take one heart of girl and one heart of guy. Warm gently together in a bowl of water of coincidence, until tender. Season with candlelight, lovelight, and the scent of jasmine. If the mixture still seems to be too dark, stir in a handful of moonbeams. Recite the age-old spell (just a few magic words) at this stage. Add a little of each of zest for life, essence of humour, and distilled empathy. As the two hearts unite, add a generous measure of observers’ smiles. The mixture will now sparkle with kisses. Serve with soft music.

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3 Responses to The Magic of Love

  1. Just perfect. I went for the white witch too 🙂 On a chilly Autumn afternoon this is a delicious read to warm the soul. 🙂

  2. brudberg says:

    Very nice. Should be more witches like this.

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