Emergency, Which Service?

This post is in response to the ‘100 Word Challenge’ here, where you’ll find a list of links to other responses. Essentially, the brief is to write 104 words, including the phrase shown in bold.

“Police, please… Yes, I have an intruder at this residence… Yes, still here. Between him and me is the pantry door. Locked, I might add… Yes, all the doors in this house are solid oak, with mortise locks… Through the kitchen window, it would seem… Twenty-four, Acacia Grove… Stay on the line? Just send that nice chap from the station, quick as you can. It’s past my bed-time!”

Ignoring the hammering on the pantry door, Clarissa calmly replaced the handset and, returning to the routine that made up the heart of her evenings, sat down to wait.

Knit one, purl one, knit two together…

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6 Responses to Emergency, Which Service?

  1. LOL love how you ended it! I hope the nice chap turns up quickly!!

  2. helen1950 says:

    Oh, Phil… I don’t have that fun while I am knitting!! hehe

  3. Nickie says:

    Ha – this is great Phil. Love the theme.

  4. oh great piece. Love the ending. x

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