Saturday Caption: 2 June 2012

Well, now. Nottingham is quite famous… First of all, I was born there. Well, I had to be born somewhere. And it turned out to be Nottingham. Next, it was the site of the World première of Exxopolis, the twentieth luminarium created by ‘Architects of Air’ – an event which took place just yesterday.* I’ll be telling you more about this incredible piece of architecture as soon as I can, but, for now, here’s a shot of the time when, as they say, all good things came to an end, and the fans (that’s blowers, not supporters) were switched off, and the structure was deflated until today. Those of us honoured to be guests at the opening had had an absolute whale of a time, but now it was time to call it a night.

I’ll pause now for all the schoolboy/girl jokes about ‘a bit of a let-down’ etc. The event as a whole was, indeed, anything but that. A big ‘thank you’ to Architects of Air and Lakeside Arts, Nottingham. We wish Exxopolis every success on its world tour.

*Oh, and Robin Hood? Yeah, him…

But here you are…

Now give me a caption, please, in the reply box…

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4 Responses to Saturday Caption: 2 June 2012

  1. After 30 odd years, Madonna’s conical bra looked like it’d seen better days…

  2. Mammasaurus says:

    Madonnas new bra undergoes some serious testing !

    (Glad you had a good time x)

  3. When Jordan learned algebra, she could never get over double D squared… XD

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