Silent Sunday: 20 May 2012

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13 Responses to Silent Sunday: 20 May 2012

  1. bavariansojourn says:

    Just beautiful! 🙂

  2. John Clayton says:

    This’ll be more evidence of that “drought” the UK is supposed to be suffering.

  3. I love the way the colours are so blended but yet you can see each one clearly. Great shot.

  4. sarahmumof3 says:

    wow the colours are just amazing lovely photo x

  5. pinkoddy says:

    beautiful rainbow

  6. Ah, hope you made a wish?

  7. fireflyphil says:

    Thank you all for calling in! Last week was the week for them!

  8. Was that Tuesday ? I saw it too. blooming thing was gone by the time I found my camera !

  9. Lakes Mum says:

    A beautiful capture

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