Oh, for an English Sonnet…

Our brief upon the weekly challenge here
Is that we must a sonnet now devise;
The rules are there, so definite and clear –
A click or two, and they’re before your eyes.
To keep the beat in keeping with the theme
Each emphasis must keep iambic rule;
The  second syllable must always seem
To carry weight, just like some burdened mule.
The famous bard, who lived in Tudor times
Is known for setting out this genre great;
A style that in endearment ever climbs,
Yet can be difficult to emulate.
Oh, Mr. S! You’ll be the death of me!
You have a lot to answer for, I see!

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14 Responses to Oh, for an English Sonnet…

  1. jfb57 says:

    I am gobsmacked! Not because you have written such a brilliant piece but that you did it so quickly when others are struggling or even not going to join in! Wonderful!

  2. sjbwriting says:

    I salute you Sir! You’re the only one of us so far to get the rhythm *and* the rhyme….and it makes sense! Mr Shakespeare has serious competition….

  3. Sandra says:

    Instructive and amusing! great work.

  4. * We are not worthy*
    This is just great. I went back and read mine again. The rhythm which you have built into yours seems to have run escaped from mine. Hey ho. I am glad that I didn’t read the rest before doing mine or I would have chickened out of this week’s.
    Bravo Mr Firefly Phil :O)

  5. This is great, I am impressed with everyone’s attempts so far, at a truly challenging challenge.

  6. Oh well done – that is magnificent! Excellently done, and Shakespeare would be very pleased to have you in his class!

  7. fireflyphil says:

    Thank you all for visiting and commenting. Usually, I struggle and just make the deadline – somehow, this one just clicked!

  8. Delft says:

    Yes, the bard has a lot to answer for. As do you, for setting the bar this high. And making it look so easy to boot.

  9. Bod for tea says:

    Bravo! Bravo! Perfectly sonnet-ified *gulp*. Worthy of the Bard’s smile for sure.

  10. Andrea says:

    Oh very good indeed .. and absolutely perfect meter .. would love to see more of this 🙂

  11. You plucked the subject directly from the challenge and did it so well. I like this a lot.

  12. lorrainefort says:

    How Fun! Thank you for the levity. 🙂

  13. Judee says:

    Loved your take on it, great job, and creative too.

  14. fireflyphil says:

    Thanks again. For subject matter more usual for a sonnet, you may care to look at http://wp.me/p1um4c-ek which was a response to another writing challenge.

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