Silent Sunday: 12 February 2012

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13 Responses to Silent Sunday: 12 February 2012

  1. Erica Price says:

    Wonderful. Great capture – love the way the ice is perfect except for that big crack.

  2. Notmyyearoff says:

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a frozen lake before.

  3. Mrs TeePot says:

    Fabulous shot! Love how it’s breaking

  4. fireflyphil says:

    The pattern is, in fact, where the ice had frozen last of all!

  5. Kelly says:

    OOO that is a great photo! GReat shot

  6. Amy s says:

    Fantastic picture!!!! Xxx

  7. SAHMlovingit says:

    Oooooh this is super – really atmospheric shot.

  8. Herding Cats says:

    Oh wow! That is brilliant!

  9. Nicki Cawood says:

    Lovely pic! I hope you didn’t get too close!?

  10. I love this shot, a great unusual shot of the wintry weather! Very atmospheric.

  11. Loving that photo in the fading light. Our lake froze for a while last week, ducks were a giggle walking on the ice!

  12. susankmann says:

    Wow what a stunning picture. Well done on a great capture.

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