It Wasn’t My Fault

To understand the point of this post, First look at the ‘100 word challenge’ here
(if you haven’t already) where you will find an explanation of the prompt,
and also a list of links to other responses. 

An explosion  shook the ground outside the main factory. A cast-iron manhole cover rose smartly, yet gracefully, into the air as if it had been a champagne cork, described a perfect arc, and descended onto the tailboard of a nearby dray, smashing it in half. The driver of the dray came close to spontaneous evacuation of the bowels.

In synchronism with further bangs, several more iron lids followed suit in the ensuing seconds. On a hunch, a supervisor walked round to the rear of the plant, where an analytical chemist, holding a carboy over a gulley, looked up.

“It wasn’t my fault!” he said…

Believe it or not, this account is substantially true. I have added a little colour – only a little – for which there is no extra charge. The story was told to me by a much older employee of the company for which I worked for a time (my first job) who remembered the incident. The son of the chemist worked in the same department as I did!

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7 Responses to It Wasn’t My Fault

  1. Acidalia says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of description in 100 words! Bravo!

  2. rogerdengle says:

    Now I would LOVE to read the back story for this one! Good descriptive prose.

  3. GoofyJ says:

    wonderful descriptive piece! You did a fabulous job!

  4. I’d love to have been there for the original! I like the delicacy of ‘came close to a spontaneous evacuation of his bowels’!

  5. What a powerful, descriptive post. I loved the details.

  6. DancingInTheRain says:

    Very nicely written….

  7. Great writing- sounds like an extract from a novel. Love the vivid descriptions you used.

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