A Platinum Jubilee?

This week, our ‘100 Word Challenge’ which you will find explained here, along with
links to all the responses, is to write a piece including the word ‘Wednesday’
along with a further 100 words. 

Today is the sixtieth anniversary of The Queen’s accession. But there is another anniversary, in August this year, that is noteworthy.

Seventy years ago, as part of Operation Pedestal, the American tanker SS Ohio entered Valletta Harbour, Malta. Badly crippled and assisted by two other ships, she had brought  fuel oil and kerosene to the island whose people had shown tremendous courage.

On Wednesday, 15th August, 2012, let’s remember the brave men of the Ohio and all who served in that operation, which had great strategic implications. Their platinum medal should be in our hearts.

To all of them: THANK YOU.

All of you who are interested should look up more of the history of the
incredible achievement that was ‘Operation Pedestal.’ 

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3 Responses to A Platinum Jubilee?

  1. snagglewordz says:

    Incredible bravery from the navy and from the people of Malta. Non-fiction was a good choice here. Thanks for the history lesson!

  2. How very interesting. Glad I read this., incredible bravery indeed.

  3. Thank you for sharing this piece of history. There are so many that we don’t know about that slip by un-celebrated.

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