Our Strange Guide

This post was prompted by the ‘100 word challenge’ here.
First of all, view the link and picture, then read on…

We were lost.

Earlier that day, we had to leave the main track, blocked by fallen trees. Dusk fell; guiding the horses was not easy. Don, in the lead, was using a compass. Suddenly, he reined in, raised his field glasses, then shouted back:

“Cabin! Lights! Smoke!”

We altered course, and rode on – straight into a sheltered clearing, where we camped for the night.

The next morning, we found the cabin; it lay a few yards from the familiar track; empty, derelict, doors and windows swinging open. The stove had clearly not been lit for years. Likewise the hurricane lamps.

This account is fictional; however, similar occurrences have been reported in real life. 

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8 Responses to Our Strange Guide

  1. That did not seem like a 100 words. I especially liked how I knew this had been a very long journey without being told so explicitly. I know, I’ve read this passage several times!

  2. gsussex says:

    I love the description and how when they finally get to the cabin there is no evidence that anyone was actually been there for a long time; v intriguing! Great post!

  3. More ghosts! How interesting, the things these old cabins bring to mind. I liked this a lot.

  4. I love the idea of this cabin being haunted..and a beacon for travellers. Nice angle 🙂

  5. I really like this one…love the idea of a shelter for lost and weary souls which isn’t what it seemed. Could have been dark but actually came across as a comfort…which made it all the better.

  6. I love this story – the whole detailed description of it in only 100 words. Well done.

  7. Susan Mann says:

    oooh spooky. I am very impressed you got all that into 100 words. Love your description and tension building.

  8. Mrs TeePot says:

    Very interesting indeed

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