Mystery Picture – Week 4

OK, then. The correct answer for week 3 is, of course, a lightning conductor down the side of a church wall. Well done to Phil (@inxta) who guessed correctly. Here is the (ornate) top end of it :
And here is the new picture below. As before, please leave your guess as a reply, and feel free to pass the word around so that we get some more guesses. Thank you again for viewing.

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30 Responses to Mystery Picture – Week 4

  1. A flower! A tiny flower! A tiny white flower! Um… a snowdrop?

  2. fireflyphil says:


  3. jfb57 says:

    Oh gosh – haven’t a clue but will guess! Umm – lily!

  4. sarahmumof3 says:

    ohh very pretty Phil, no idea which flower tho

  5. That type of flower you get on bindweed?

  6. Is it a daisy? No, scrap that. *consults botanical reference bible thing*

  7. Bessyblogs says:

    Not sure what it is but isn’t that a stunning picture? Beautiful star, nature at its finest.

    My guess would be an orchid?

  8. TheBoyandMe says:

    Whitebell. Or a hyacinth.

  9. Very pretty. Is it a lily or is that too obvious?

  10. Tulip? Wild guess I know. Beautiful stamen!

  11. It’s a Passion Flower! I have not cheated and have not googled, but I swear I’ve seen something like that on a Passion Flower. Tell me if I’m right, I’m dying to know! :O)

  12. Mrs Neale says:

    Bindweed flower?

  13. fireflyphil says:

    Amaryllis, Julie? No, not those…

  14. It can’t be a daffodil because they bloom in spring, it’s not a Petunia because the inner bit is different. I thought a Platycodon was a dinosaur?!!! (Gardening Express suggested that one) so my guess is a ………Geranium! (or that other big word Pelargonium which is another name for them I think?) So GERANIUM is my final guess…

  15. My mate reckons it’s a Gerbera?

  16. Nope, I’m definitely going for Geranium! :O)

  17. fireflyphil says:

    It is indeed a white pelargonium, commonly called a geranium! You just weren’t thinking small enough! I’ll do an explanation when I post Mystery Picture 5!

  18. Woo Hooooo!!! Mystery solved. Phew! *wipes sweat from brow*

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