Mystery Picture – Week 3

Right.  First of all, the answer to week 2 – that picture is, of course, part of a street lamp.  I did warn you that the angle may be unusual.  Here, I needed to hang upside down from a helicopter, or rotate the image.  In the event, the latter was easier.

And now for the new picture.  Here we go, so start guessing, Leave your guesses as replies, and, if you like this idea for blog posts, please tell your friends (e.g. tweet/retweet on Twitter.)  Thanks for your interest.

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10 Responses to Mystery Picture – Week 3

  1. jfb57 says:

    Well done for another puzzle Phil. I was VERY wrong with last weeks! As for this one – concrete post?

  2. sarahmumof3 says:

    ohhh a STREET LIGHT!!! now why did we all miss that ….. as for this week errrmmmm errrmmm somethign outside because i think thats a concrete slab in the background… errrmmm the angel is putting me off may have to have a think n come back to this one

  3. Top of a hand-rail looking down onto the ground?

  4. Wild guess but thinking it could be a skateboarding ramp thing?

  5. Bessyblogs says:

    A close up of a metal handrail?

  6. fireflyphil says:

    See that green colour? What goes that colour in the open air?

  7. It’s a copper lightening conductor running down the side of a building…

  8. Kailexness says:

    Copper… *thinks* copper copper copper copper = Sam Vimes, Hmmmm #hopeless 😉

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