Music as Therapy: Three by Three

This post has been inspired by the meme here.  However, I’m adding my own special twist to the idea.  I’m giving you links to three genres of music, each one represented by three pieces. This is because I love to cater for all tastes (as long as they’re pretty much like mine.)  And I’ll warn you now that when it comes to music, I love powerful melody, and I am hopelessly, incurably sentimental.  So, when you’ve got the tissues ready, I’ll begin…

First of all, three classical pieces: 

  • A clarinet concerto by Mozart, combined with a beautiful video – incredible viewing and listening;
  • A sonata by Beethoven – remember, of course, as you listen, the composer was by this time totally deaf at the age of thirty;
  • Finally, a march by Berlioz, who loved to show just what a full orchestra could do.

Fine.  But sometimes, you’re in the mood for something lighter.  (Just as you wouldn’t want a candlelit dinner party every night!)  So we’ll have three examples of easy listening:

And now for the songs.  I love sentimental songs, by the way.  Or did I say that before? Anyway, here goes:

Adieu!  Auf wiedersehen!  And I hope you enjoyed the trip!

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1 Response to Music as Therapy: Three by Three

  1. Mozart’s clarinet concerto is my absolute favourite piece of music of all time – I love this video though, which I had not seen
    I’m now going to spend the rest of the morning singing ‘Adieu mien kleiner Gardioffizier’ – Thank you.

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