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Ode to Autumn

The autumn leaves remind us of a growing season over. There are berries in the hedgerow, but no flowers on the clover. From cottage chimneys wood-smoke curls, and daylight sooner ends – Lamps shine out from windows, for family and friends. A … Continue reading

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The Gallery: Week 78 – Inspirational People

Aside from those who inspire me personally, whom I don’t wish to discuss here, I often think that those who have given their lives for their country, so that many privileges, that we take for granted, have been preserved and passed on … Continue reading

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Moments, Minerals, and Things Marine…

So what do I collect?  Well, I suppose, first of all, I collect moments.  Points in time that were part of the future, but are now part of history.  Moments of shape, line, perspective, colour, and contrast.  Most people just … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday: 16 October 2011

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A, B, and C…

Do you remember them?  The story went something like this: A set out for B’s house, three miles away, at d miles an hour.  B set out for A’s house at the same time, at e miles an hour.  State … Continue reading

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9 October 2011: Silent Sunday

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Summer is Over…

As I looked out of the window on Wednesday morning, it seemed that the unseasonal weather had ended at last.  The autumn heatwave, which will, no doubt, go down in meteorological history, was evidently finally over.  Rain had fallen overnight, … Continue reading

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