The Gallery: Week 79 – Faces

For this prompt, I’m going to show you some photos taken the a ceremony held in Derby on September 3rd, 2009, to mark the 70th anniversary of the start of World War Two, when wreaths were laid at the war memorial in the market square.  I have already drawn on this event last week, from a different standpoint – it was a very simple, very respectful, and very moving occasion.  I witnessed it purely fortuitously – I just happened to be in the city centre at the time.  This underlines the maxim: Carry your camera – always.  So first, I’ll just illustrate the ceremony:

Now let’s have a look at the face of the standard bearer as he remembers the fallen:

…and then, as he presents the standard.  (Yes, it’s the same man!)

Now see the solemn respect in the mien of this young sea cadet, who hasn’t known war for himself directly:

On that day, however, the square was not entirely filled with sadness.  These four veterans had time for a picture, a chat, and, despite some grim memories, a laugh!

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3 Responses to The Gallery: Week 79 – Faces

  1. jenny Paulin says:

    aww what a great take on the theme! such proud faces that fought (or indeed still fight if among the younger men) for our country. faces that had so many stores to tell. i love the last photo especially –

  2. jfb57 says:

    It was their ability to laugh that got many of them through the horrors. Thank you for such a poignant post Phil!

  3. Mama Syder says:

    Wow…This entry for the Gallery really brought a lump to my throat! Our family (like most) were devastated by WW2 as my beautiful Great Grandmother was killed in the blitz protecting my Nan. Lovely faces in your photos and loved what you wrote too.

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