The Gallery: Week 77 – Colour

Just one colour, the lady said.  Just pick one.

Now, there’s a poser, thought I.  A spectrum, madam?  A kaleidoscope?  A veritable riot of chromaticity?  On all counts, I could supply you from stock.  But one colour… ah, there, you have me…

Full of such musings, I walked out onto my patio – and there, the answer hit me between the eyes.  Or, more correctly, hit me right in the eyes.  Here it is: I give you…

Shape, line, texture.  And colour.  One colour.  Which is, er, well… sage green.

This post was prompted by ‘The Gallery’ here.

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2 Responses to The Gallery: Week 77 – Colour

  1. Liz says:

    what a soft colour it is… such a wonderful photo!

  2. I think green could be my favourite colour, all shades of it (well maybe not lime green). This is a great photo, the colour is gentle yet lush 🙂

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