The Gallery: Week 76 – Home

Ever since earliest times, one important feature of a home has been the provision of artificial light.  Indeed, the progressive development of domestic lighting makes a fascinating study, from the firebrand to the light-emitting diode.  In particular, recent advancements in small ‘compact fluorescent’ lamps have enabled the conversion of electrical energy into light without wasting so much as heat, as had already been achieved with larger linear fluorescent lamps.  At the same time, advances in phosphors used in these lamps mean that the colour appearance of the light given out is much pleasanter than that of the so-called ‘white’ fluorescent lighting that has been in common use for many years.

So now, your chosen ‘table lamp’ can give a friendly light, yet be energy efficient too.  Here is a favourite of mine.

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5 Responses to The Gallery: Week 76 – Home

  1. Love this lamp…almost has a Hallowe’en pumpkin feel.

    I just bought a tiny silver-glass lamp with a burlap shade. I love how small it is and it nicely illuminates the art hanging above it. This is the larger version of it:

  2. Mrs TeePot says:

    Very interesting take, as usual! Lovely shot

  3. Mammasaurus says:

    I love this lamp! Swap you a cold for it?

    Ok I have cold and I love your lamp it was worth a try !

  4. fireflyphil says:

    Thanks, all of you, for calling by and commenting!

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