Mary thought…

Mary thought that all she had left to do was to mourn.  With energy born of intense love, she got up very early and went to the place where her loved one had been buried.

She was amazed, however, to find the grave open and empty.  She ran to tell friends (who came to look, then went home.)

But Mary stayed there, weeping, then, looking into the grave, saw someone who asked her why she was in tears.  Then she turned round to see another man, who also questioned her, whom she took to be the attendant gardener.

Until he said ‘Mary.’

This post was prompted by the ‘100 word challenge’ here:
It is based on one account of the resurrection in the Holy Bible.
(See John 20: 1-16.) 

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5 Responses to Mary thought…

  1. jfb57 says:

    Wonderful writing and what a great take on the prompt! Thank you so much Phil for broadening the challenge. Hope to see you next week!

  2. Sally-Jayne says:

    This was a really interesting interpretaion of the prompt. I lovethe opening line that really draws you in.

  3. robinhawke says:

    How interesting she doesn’t recognize him until he speaks…Robin

  4. fireflyphil says:

    Thanks to you all for calling in!

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