Don’t foozle it!

There’s no time like the first time
To get the job done right.
To bungle it will cause distress
It’s not a pretty sight.

A job done well is best by far –
And if it takes a while
Reflect that just to do it once
Will leave more time to smile.

To foozle it will only mean
It must be done again.
And first you must undo the mess
(Or pour it down the drain.)

So start out now the way you wish
To see your task right through.
Then find the effort well worthwhile
As all true workmen do.

This post was prompted by the ‘100 word challenge’ here,
using the option ‘foozle.’ 

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3 Responses to Don’t foozle it!

  1. Anna Halford says:

    This scans very well; and the meaning of the word foozle is clear. It reminds me of the type of rhyme you would have printed on a plaque in a Victorian classroom.

  2. Sally-Jayne says:

    Clever! I really like the way you chose just one of the words and really did it justice. Really fun poem.

  3. mel says:

    I loveed this! Really clever!

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