“In every job that must be done…

…There is an element of fun.”

So said Mary Poppins in, er, well, would you believe it – Mary Poppins.  And by and large, I agree with her.  It’s just that, sometimes, the fun takes a bit more finding than at other times.  Take, for instance, the job I had to do last week-end: on Saturday evening, while a short distance from home, I had briefly parked my car, and, returning to it, I noticed a puddle, and the characteristic aroma of ethylene glycol.  Fortunately, I made it home with the engine temperature only a little higher than usual.  Investigation next day confirmed what I suspected – a failed hose.  And no ordinary hose at that.  Have a look here:

Yes, that’s right – the one in the middle, low down.  It’s got five ends.  And, no, that’s not a mathematical impossibility, because it has moulded joints in it.

Anyway, the first little game is called ‘See if you can disconnect the lowest point without getting coolant up your sleeve.’  I won, because I managed not to.  Well, not much.

Next comes ‘See if you can disconnect the other four ends without taking everything else to pieces.’  A bit harder, but I won again.  (In the end.)  Phil 2, Mondeo 0.

Monday saw the fitting of a replacement, an engine flush, and a refill with new coolant – and here was the real delight; observing a vivid fluorescent pink-orange colour of new premium anti-freeze; that, and a certain sense of accomplishment.  Especially as there were no leaks.  A hat-trick.  The fun was there, just a little more elusive than usual…

And just remember, whether you drive a car or look after a child – or both, for that matter: if the temperature goes up, you’ve almost certainly got a problem.

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6 Responses to “In every job that must be done…

  1. Cars. Mechanics. Brain melty. I am totally a girl when it comes to stuff like that. Which, yes, is sexist. But men are better at cars. Fact.

    Whereas girls are better at Mary Poppins-ing. Tra la la

  2. Molly says:

    Brilliant post and you are so right, find the fun in whatever it is you are doing…..I have to say, the whole cleaning the toilet after hordes of 11 year old boys have used them is a time when I find this attitude most challenging…although they clearly have a great deal of challenge with direct and flow issues or maybe they are just having too much fun!


  3. Mcai7td3 says:

    I once rung my dad in a panic telling him the temperature gaugein my car was not in the middle (about 3 minutes after I started driving)… He laughed!! 🙂

  4. Enjoyed your post! 🙂 Not sure I would have found much fun in doing this, I just want my car to work and not fail me… 😉

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